Jimotti's online shopping site is open !!

I open online store, the name is "Jimotti's Zakka".  (Zakka means kind of General merchandises)

This online store is mainly selling chef's knives, kitchen tools, and some kitchen decor.

I am thinking chef's knives are VERY expensive at U.S.A., that's why I tried to find better price products by myself.

Finally, I found it also I sell it by cheap price for other people because it's helpful.


Of cause I have some reason "Why I can sell products with cheap price ?".
(Another site is selling same products with x2 or x3 price !!)


I am writing about "Why cheap" on that online store site.

Please read it and understand it before you order something. If you can't understand or not agree about it, please just buy expensive products at any other store.  


Thank you very much.


Chef Junichi