Chef Junichi's other business links is below. You can jump to page by click each images.


・East End 祇園(East End Gion)

◆Chef Junichi’s new concept restaurant in Kyoto, Gion area.

It will open in August 2024. Please visit there when you travel to Kyoto Japan !!

・Jimotti's Coffee

・オーランドのローカル情報サイト「Orlando JP」

・Jimotti's Apparel : Floridian Rhapsody

We are running a Japanese restaurant in Florida, and our staff members all share a passion for the beautiful nature of Florida. With that in mind, we decided to start a clothing brand as a new project. 

We are excited to embark on this venture and create something that embodies our love for Florida's great outdoors.


We donate a portion of our profits to support nature conservation efforts in Florida, and we hope to receive support from those who also love and appreciate nature.



We use the free platform "Bonfire" to donate as much money as possible. Therefore, after purchasing our products, you will receive an email from Bonfire for communication purposes.