Edamame     $5.5

Boiled soybean w/ sea salt


Spicy Edamame     $6.0

Boiled soybean w/ butter, sea salt & Japanese chili Pepper


Tofu     $4

Very simple cold tofu w/ ponzu sauce & green onion


Mini salad      $4.5

Spring mix, sliced onion, cucumber, corn & tomato w/ sesame dressing


Sunomono      $4.8

Cucumber & seaweed w/ sweet vinegar & sesame seeds


Takoyaki      $7.5

Not fried, Japanese common style w/ special sauce & mayo


Pork Gyoza      $7.2

Pan sautéed pork gyoza. Served w/ special ponzu sauce

Ague-Dashi Tofu      $7

Lightly fried tofu & eggplant in traditional soy sauce based soup w/ spicy radish & green onion


Eggplant & Miso       $7

Pan fried eggplant w/ sweet miso sauce


Vegetable Spring Roll       $8.9

Spring mix, cucumber & carrot wrapped with rice paper w/ sweet chili sauce


Japanese Black Pork Sausage       $9.8

Grilled Japanese black pork sausage w/ mustard


Tempura Appetizer       $7.8

2pc of shrimp & 5pc of vegetable tempura


Fried Oyster       $12.8

Panko fried 5pc oyster w/special sauce


Jimotti's Chicken Kara-Ague     $8.5

Japanese style "FANTASTIC" fried chicken


Take A Chance      $9

3pc. Lightly fried spicy tuna stuffed jalapeno


Fried Calamari      $17.2

Lightly fried calamari w/creamy jalapeno sauce

Dinner Special

Spicy Tofu Salad     $9.8

Spring mix, onion, seaweed, corn, tomato & tofu. Served w/chili sauce & sesame dressing


Tuna & Spicy Salad      $12.8

Sliced Tuna w/spring mix, onion, seaweed, sea salt, sesame oil & spicy sauce


Grilled Saba Mackerel      $12.5

Simply grilled Norway Mackerel. Served w/special ponzu sauce


Baby Back Ribs Jimotti's Style      $13.4

Very tender braised pork ribs


Sashimi Platter      $18

Sliced fresh tuna, salmon & yellowtail. 3pc each

Grilled Yellowtail Collar     $18.00

Spting mix, onion, seaweed, corn, tomato & tofu. Served w/chili sauce & sesame dressing


Grilled Salmon      $18.00

Grilled sashimi quality salmon


Grilled Yellowtail Body     $20.00

Grilled sashimi quality yellowtail


Yellowtail & Jalapeno Sashimi      $18.00

Sliced fresh yellowtail w/ jalapeno, cilantro, onion. Served w/ponzu & spicy sauce

Rice & Miso Soup

Vegetable Curry     $15.00

Served w/steamed rice (No meat)


Jimotti's Fried Rice      $18.00

w/sautéed shrimp or w/grilled chicken breast

Steamed Rice      $3.00

Japanese top quality rice


Miso Soup       $3.00

Organic miso, tofu, seaweed & green onion


Rice & Miso soup Combo       $5.00


Tonkotsu Ramen      $16.3

Pork based soup. Braised pork, egg, seaweed, corn & green onion


Shoyu Ramen       $16.3

Soy sauce based soup. Braised pork, egg, seaweed, corn & green onion


Miso Ramen       $16.3

Miso based soup. Braised pork, egg, seaweed, corn & green onion


Spicy Miso Ramen       $16.8

Spicy Miso based soup. Braised pork, egg, seaweed, corn & green onion w/chili garlic oil


Nagasaki Ramen       $16

Pork based soup. Shrimp, squid, red ginger & snow pea


Tomato Ramen       $15.8

Soy sauce based soup. Tomato, minced pork, sliced onion, cilantro & chili oil

Dan Dan Ramen      $16.8

Spicy tonkotsu miso based soup. Sliced onion, minced pork, sesame paste, green onion and chili garlic oil w/string chili


Spicy Chicken Ramen       $16

Chicken based soup, chicken breast, egg, corn, seaweed, green onion & chili oil


Kitsune Udon       $14.2

Sweet soy sauce based soup. Braised fried tofu skin, fishcake, seaweed & green onion


Niku Udon       $16.8

Sweet soy sauce based soup. Juicy braised beef and onion, fishcake, seaweed & green onion


Udon Genovese       $16.8

No soup. Pesto (Basil) sauce. Including bacon bits & garlic shrimp.


Tempura Udon       $16.8

Sweet soy sauce based soup. Seaweed, fishcake, green onion w/ tempura appetizer


Yakisoba       $16.8

Pan fried noodle w/ vegetable.
Choose chicken or shrimp & squid

Sushi & Rolls

Tuna (Tekka)      $8

Regular tuna roll. Seaweed outside. Not spicy.


Cucumber (Kappa)       $5.5

Seaweed outside & sesame seeds inside


Vegetable       $7

Cucumber, avocado and asparagus


Spicy Tuna       $9

Ground tuna, smelt egg, red hot chili pepper, mayo & chili oil


California       $11.5

Real crab meat mixed with special mayo, cucumber & avocado


Vegetable Tempura       $8

Tempura asparagus, carrot & yum/sweet potato


Spicy Salmon       $9

Fresh salmon mixed spicy sauce

Salmon & Avocado      $8.5

Fresh salmon & avocado


Eel & Avocado       $12

BBQ eel & avocado


Shrimp Tempura       $9

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, asparagus, avocado & spicy mayo


Spider       $17

Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, asparagus, avocado & spicy mayo


Red Dragon       $20

Spicy tuna & BBQ eel w/eel sauce & spicy mayo


Green Adams       $20

Spicy tuna, mayo mixed crab, shrimp tempura wrapped w/ soy paper & avocado. Eel sauce & spicy mayo


Tuna & Tuna Jalapeno       $20

Spicy tuna & avocado wrapped w/ soy paper and sliced tuna. Served w/sliced jalapeno, eel sauce & jalapeno sauce

Lunch Menu

Beef Bowl      $15.8

Regular tuna roll. Seaweed outside. Not spicy.


Spicy Tuna Bowl       $15.8

Spicy tuna & 2pc of kala-ague chicken, spring mix, seaweed and onion over steamed rice


Poke Bowl       $15.8

Mixed tuna, salmon, onion, seaweed, sesame seeds & spicy sesame oil, over steamed rice


Tempura Bowl       $15.8

2pc of shrimp, 5 kinds of vegetable tempura and 2pc of fried chicken over steamed rice


Salmon Bowl      $15.8

6pc of sliced salmon, 2pc of kara-ague CKN, spring mix, seaweed and onion over steamed rice 

*Add-On Items

・Miso soup for Lunch Bowls or Roll Combo : $1.5

・Gyoza 4pc + Rice: $5

・Gyoza 4pc + Small Salad: $5

・Gyoza 4pc + Kala-Ague 2pc: $5


Sashimi Platter      $18

Tuna, Salmon & Yellowtail, 3pc each sashimi


Jimotti's Special Bento Box      $21

Tempura, small salad, chicken kara-ague, sashimi & sushi roll. Comes w/miso soup. Choose Spicy Tuna roll or California roll


Meat Lover's Bento-Box      $21

Grilled pork steak, 3pc of gyoza, 3pc of kara-ague CKN, small salad and steamed rice. Comes w/miso soup


Roll Combo Lunch      (Pick 2=$15, Pick 3=$19) Vegetable, Spicy Tuna, California, Salmon Avocado, Spicy Salmon, Tuna (Tekka) & Shrimp Tempura

Soft Drink & Dessert

Coca Cola Products      $3

(Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite)


Ramune Soda      $3.8


Japanese Yamamotoyama Green Tea      $3


* Entree & some menu will be accepted in Dinner time only.


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